OST. Great Queen Seon Deok

1. Main Title
2. Yurijan – Suh Min Yeong
3. Misil Thema – Kim Hyi Jin
4. Daleul Gariun Hae – Lee Soo Jeong
5. Balbambalbam – Hong Gwang Ho
6. Baramggoc -Aiyu
7. Araro – IU
8. Dorian – Jo Yun Jeong
9. Bijae
10. Passo Dopo Passo – Paul Potts
11. Baramggoc – IU
12. Come, People of God – Lee Soo Jeong
13. Sara
14. Gajil Su Eobsneun…Aneul Su Eobsneun..- Kim Hyung Jun
15. Destruction of  The Kingdom – Song Jae Kyeong
16. Deokman Thema
17. Hanulnari
18. Nangjanggyeolyi – Kim Hyi Jin
19. Dreams – Kim Hyi Jin
20. The Rising Empire – Song Jae Kyeong

(Special Edition) Vol. 1

  1. Ojik Hansaram (The Only One) – Uhm Tae Wong (Kim Yushin)
  2. Geudaega Geuripseumnida ( I Miss You) – Joo Sang Wook (Wolya)

(Special Edition) Vol. 2

  1. Bidam (Sad Story) – Lee Yo Won (Deokman)
  2. Arang ha myeon an doe ni (Can’t I Love You?) – Kim Nam Gil (Bidam)

NOTE: Link pada lagu-lagu itu berisi lirik lagu dan link tempat untuk mendownloadnya, sedangkan untuk instrumentalnya hanya berisi link tempat mendownloadnya

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  1. “These are actually fantastic ideas in concerning blogging.
    You have touched some nice factors here. Any way keep up wrinting.”

  2. yoo mi young says:

    Oh my God..
    are you yumichan?
    i’ve long looking for the lyrics of QSD OST…

    1. almeychan says:

      no. i’m not yumichan. thank for watching myblog

  3. So I met this girl, let’s call her Sarah, last semester at the university. We really hit it off. It turns out that coincidentally we had just about the exact same schedule and saw each other every day. We talked/text’d a lot, , were inseparable study buddies, and were basically becoming pretty good friends. In fact we were spending so much time that I started to develop slight feelings for her. One problem; we both were/are in a relationship.

    Anyways, the semester ended and I told her that I was really glad that we got to meet each other and become friends and would miss her a lot over summer. Well she said she felt the same way and that we could hang out during the summer. So, after a couple of weeks of trying to get together we finally met up over summer. I wanted to make a day of it but she gave me some spheel about having summer course and not wanting to stay out too late so we just had lunch and hung at her place for a while. I was supposed to come back to “take a dip in her pool” (literally, she had a pool out back) but that never happened, i was too rapped up in my blog that evening. That was about it for the entire summer, but I got really busy with my bathroom design blog as did she with work.

    Skip to Now – Well, The new semester has started and even though we have a couple of classes together we barely speak to one another except for when walking to our next class when her sis is with us. Also I should mention she has a twin sister, lets call Amy, and THIS time it just so happens that me and Amy have almost the exact same schedules. So Amy and I are seeing each other a lot and hanging out. The problem is I try to talk to Sarah but she almost never responds to my texts or voice messages anymore. I feel like somewhere our friendship had a disconnect and I have no idea what’s going on. Before semester started she was so excited to be sharing classes together and hanging out….now, notta. Then again in hindsight I never did make myself to appear as enthused (though I was)

    I think deep down we were starting to make a connection as more than just friends but for whatever reasons (we are both in relationships?) it never happened. I’m fine with that, but I’m starting to feel like I did or said something wrong or maybe it’s something I didn’t say or do…?? I don’t know how to bring it to her attention without it coming off the wrong way and making me seem like some obsessive friend who is starving for attention…or maybe that’s the problem that I don’t give her enough….?? I dunno, and I’m at a total lost. I have no idea what to do.

    1. randomweirdness says:

      dang,this actually happened to me summers ago and i made the wrong move of texting her this quite long message about how our friendship changed,how i missed her,how i want things back to its way before and how scared i am of losing her.it made me feel like such an idiot with the way she replied,she said i’m starting to sound creepy and weird.guess i’ve misread signs and deluded myself.fast forward years later and we’re still friends.still listening to stuff she said about this guy she’s dating,how badly he treated her yet she can’t seem to let go.i wonder who’s more stupid between us two

  4. Dannee25 says:

    Thanks a lot! Great page for QSD soundtrack! Two thumbs up! =) I LOVE QUEEN SEON DEOK!

  5. kelly says:

    kim yoo shin ur so cute

  6. hi!
    nam gil
    you are so cute
    love you!!

  7. issa says:

    thanks for the music and the lyrics! great page! i love queen seon deok, looks like you do too! QSD rocks!

  8. Betty says:

    Thanks for the lyrics posts!

    1. almeychan says:

      u r welcome ^^

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