OST. Style


  1. Tell Me – Hanul
  2. You & I – Kim Jin Pyo
  3. Hey Hey Ho – Uptown & Woo Yi Kyung
  4. Mambojambo Mambo Jambo (With Johnny.G) – Chae Yeon Wool
  5. How You (Eojjeoda Neoreul ) – Hanul
  6. You Only Love (Geudaemaneul Saranghabnida) – Seo In Young & Ryu Si Won
  7. Edge – Edge (instrumental)
  8. Lady Connection inst.
  9. Slow, but inevitable … (Neurin, Geureona Pihal Su Eobsneun) – Various Artists (instrumental)
  10. Need Some Coffee Break?(instrumental)
  11. Such as when you first met that (Cheoeum Mannassdeon Geu Ddaecheoreom) – Choi Chul Ho (instrumental)
  12. Scattered through (Gureum Sogeul Dalrida) – Choi Chul Ho (instrumental)
  13. Get Back to My Stylish – Choi Chul Ho (instrumental)
  14. Red Oasis (Ggumgwa Geurimja) – Choi Chul Ho (instrumental)
  15. As Time Goes By – Choi Chul Ho (instrumental)
  16. Tell Me – Hanul version
  17. You & I – jp version – Kim Jin Pyo & Ryu Shi Won


NOTE: Link pada lagu-lagu itu berisi lirik lagu dan link tempat untuk mendownloadnya, sedangkan untuk instrumentalnya hanya berisi link tempat mendownloadnya


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