Don’t Go – Junsu (2PM) & Lim Jeong Hee


gajima gajima
nal jiwoborigetdan gojitmal dasin hajima geuron mareun hajima
gojitmal da gojitmal
geuron maeumedo omneun mallo nal japjima imi non neujotjana

jongmal uriga idero heojindaneun ge gobina eum gobina
naneun uriga idero mannandaneun ge do gobina

dasi geuttero oh non geudero oh dorawajwo
dasi negero oh geu jariro oh dorawajwo

joheun yonghwareul bogo eumageul deutgo useuryo hedo
naye gaseumi noreul bullone nunmuri nago eum

Don’t Lie… Don’t Lie…
Don’t say any more lies by saying you want to forget me
Do not say those words

Lie is Lie…
Do not use such painful words with me
You were already too late

We’re really breaking up already
And it hurts, and it hurts so much
But I feel that its more painful to stay together

Like at that time oh, you were like that oh come back
Moreover oh… you came back at that time on such Oh..

Watching the movie, listening to the music, we want to smile happily.
From my heart, I cry out to you with flowing tears

Eits…………… Tunggu dulu! Belum selesai nih. Masih ada yang versinya Jason ama Hye Mi, lho. Yah lumayan, lah. Nggak sepanas duet Pil Suk dan Sam Dong. hahaha

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