Upcoming Die Nationalmannschaft Matches


15.08.2012 l Friendly l Germany – Argentina
07.09.2012 l WCQ l Germany – Faeroe Islands
11.09.2012 l WCQ l Austria – Germany
12.10.2012 l WCQ l Ireland – Germany
16.10.2012 l WCQ l  Germany – Sweden
14.11.2012 l Friendly l The Netherlands – Germany
06.02.2013 l Friendly l France – Germany
22.03.2013 l WCQ l Kazakhstan – Germany
26.03.2013 l WCQ l Germany – Kazakhstan
06.09.2013 l WCQ l Germany – Austria
10.09.2013 l WCQ l Faeroe Islands – Germany
11.10.2013 l WCQ l Germany – Ireland
15.10.2013 l WCQ l Sweden – Germany
05.03.2014 l Friendly l Italy – Germany


2 Comments Add yours

  1. aralicka says:

    aku rasa nggak. tapi kan bisa liat streaming 🙂 mungkin ada

  2. Kira2 matchnya disiarin smua gak yah? 🙂

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