B1A4 Hello Baby Ep.8





B1A4 Hello Baby Episode 8 Sketch



8th Hello Sketch
<B1A4’s Hello Baby> Revealing behind the scene of the 8th episode!

What is episode 8 about??

Hurray~ Autumn has arrived!!
Our hello family has also came to Gwanghuamun Square according to the autumn breeze~
The statue of King Sejong the Great gave the hello family a satisfied smile ^^

Grass patch and special MC Jang Donghyuk…Have we seen this picture somewhere?
The special MC Jang Donghyuk who we have not encountered in a long time, why did you come today?
Surely it’s not…a quiz again????? (It….wouldn’t….be, right…..)

Let’s crawl slowly~
Close friends Gongchan appa and Hyunwoo..
But~ where are the two of you heading to?

Hyunwoo yah~ “Ah~~~~~” for appa too
Thirsty after playing on the grass patch for a while.
They are the “Appa and son” who share their drinks well.

The 8th Sketch is up to here! Let’s meet next week~



Thanks to: happykbsn B1A4 INDOESIA, and


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