Nasi Gudangan Recipe


Yeah… I’ll inform you about this delicious Javanese food…. Gudangan. You know it’s my favorite food along side Trancam, Gule, Rendang, and so on. Maybe it’s a unique dish that you’ve ever seen because it’s very simple to have and make. It’s made of various of boiled vegetables that’s mixed by urap (seasoning or sauce made ​​from grated coconut and chilli).

It’s healthy food since it has vegetables and/or egg. You can see the picture below.

Yup… How to make it.. Like I said before.. It’s very easy to make You have to need

Ingredients I:
– White rice, 400 grams
– papaya leaves young / middle-aged, 300 grams
– cassava leaves, 50 grams
– Karak / crisp pulleys, to taste

Ingredients II (Coconut Seasoning):
– Grated young coco
nut, 300 grams
– Garlic, 7 cloves
– Kencur, 2 cm
– Lime leaves, 4 slices
– Sugar, 1 teaspoon
– Salt enough

Sambal Ingredients:
– Chili, 4 pieces
– Chili pepper, 3 pieces
– Sugar, 1 / 2 teaspoon
– Salt enough

– Cucumber, 1 fruit, diced, 1 / 2 cm
– Petai China (lamtoro), 50 grams
– Basil, 1 / 2 bunch

How to make Rice gudangan:
1. Heat water, boiled papaya leaves and cassava leaves with a little salt. Cook until the leaves soft. Remove and drain, thinly sliced​​. Set aside.
2. Spice coconut: II Mash all ingredients, except coconut until smooth. Add grated coconut and stir well.
3. Mix the papaya seasoned with coconut and stir well. Set aside.
4. Sauce: Mix all ingredients, mash until smooth. Set aside.
5. Place the white rice on a serving dish, add the mixture of papaya, chili and complementary.
Serve with crisp.
Recipe for 3 portions

Easy right? 🙂

Have appetite!

Copy-pasted from Indonesia Secret Kitchen


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